NA Eruqo

Launched in 2022 by Paris-based Korean designer Kvsh Yewon, NA Eruqo is a progressive womenswear line exploring different facets of female identity through the prism of biology, handicraft and technology.
After studying Chemistry in South Korea, Kvsh Yewon moved to France where she soon realized her true calling was fashion design, which she approached in a passionate and intellectual way. She enrolled at the Duperré School of Applied Arts in Paris, and got to hone her technical skills at AICP for draping, as well as pattern-making.Frustrated with the growing commercialization of fashion -and its consumerist nature- Kvsh Yewon reframes the act of designing within a conceptual field, which involves science, literature, history and technology. Approaching female creativity as a prolific and open-ended field, NA Eruqo looks for new forms of empowerment through clothing, as well as new ways of being.