Valette is a young fashion brand established in Paris by Pierre-François Valette in 2020. Graduated in fashion design from the Institut Français de la Mode in 2018 and emerges through the studios of Isabel Marant and Saint Laurent. March 2019, Pierre-François Valette won the fashion Saint Laurent Couture Institute Prize.

Valette represents a new type of french fashion designers abandoning the safety of heritage brands to forge their own path and tell their own story. Dandy is trendy. Turning designs into dreamlike confections. A constant concern for Valette is to focus its signature on French savoir-faire. Each piece is produced locally with the help of skilled artisans having a keen eye on the products for a better quality. Sustainability is a key element of Valette spirit. Second-hand fabrics and limited production on pre-order have a substantial role in Valette collection. To make a difference looking at everyone and everything being affected by the whole creative process. Style is the visible tip of something much greater.