Founded in 2015, KUANWANG is a positive expression of the meaning of fashion, creation based on a reflection of humanity.

With minimalist shapes as a base for expressing the complexity of personality, evoked through discrete but powerful codes, embroidery and prints. Ageless and sober silhouettes that represent the story of the construction of a person.  Kuan Wang was born in 1993 in DaYe, China. With designer and pattern maker parents, Wang spent his childhood playing in his parents studio with the dream of becoming a designer himself. As he grew older, Wang learnt the technical skills of cutting and pattern making from his parents, and naturally he began to establish an emotional attachment with his designs. Completing art studies in China, Wang found a deeper understanding of colors, shapes and silhouettes, and an ability for abstract ideas to become real and clear.  Kuan Wang attended ESMOD Paris, starting a new life; learning a new language, taking in and understanding all of the cultural diversity, making new friends. Wang brought together his skills learnt during childhood and his new vision informed by his environment, the strictness of China meeting the freedom of France. Graduating from ESMOD with a diploma in menswear design in 2015, Wang channeled everything into his menswear brand.